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BTL is a set of promotional activities at the micro level and form a not-media communication.

BTL advertising is most often used for the purpose of promoting a product or service, and some changes in your sales or service range. It is also used to promote a certain personality or group, for the purpose of the election campaign.

BTL activities mean direct mail, the distribution of flyers and brochures, the tele-marketing, promotional activities at the point of sale POS,.. There is also the merchandising, which improve the sale in stores.

Of course, companies today very use email marketing and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, ..) for direct contact with their customers. Superb Internet promotion must use and the benefits of a blog and a forum, too.

Practically, these are all promotional activities aimed at easily measurable results, as opposed to conventional ATL media campaigns.

Our agency can help you to make the most effective marketing strategy and to make the choice of most useful BTL methods for the product or service you offer.

If you have already prepared a strategy, we can help in the realization of any of the above promotional activities.

The efficiency of BTL advertising in Serbia mostly depends on the ability of "Event Management" organized promotional activities in the field, and we are in this domain very recognizable.

To summarize briefly our services:

  • Direct and sales marketing
  • Email & Social Media marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Design, printing and distribution of flyers, leaflets, catalogs, pamphlets, balloons, lighters, caps, pens,..
  • Promo service (making of promotional stands, planning and implementation of promotions) with the most beautiful brand promoters in Belgrade
  • Expo service (design, fabrication and complete equipping fair stands) with the most beautiful trade show models in Serbia
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