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"Public Relations" are the most important form of communication in the corporate business. PR, in unbreakable connection with the marketing, represents also a mandatory part of personal or brand campaigns.

Our PR team gives support to its clients in all essential domains of "public relations":

  • Media Relations (relations with the media)
  • Personal PR
  • Corporate PR
  • Brand Communications (planning and implementation of PR campaigns)
  • Crisis PR
  • Online Communication
  • Event Management (organization of press conference and promotional PR Event)
  • Press Clipping (detailed review of the representation of our clients in the media)

Media Relations always represent the basis of "public relations":

  • Developing relationships with relevant media (national, local, regional)

  • Routing of communication to relevant media

  • Establishing and developing arranged, organized and professional cooperation with all relevant media

  • Providing services of continuous PR support - writing and distribution of media releases, arranging interviews, articles and adverbs in the print and electronic media according to the adopted plan PR activities

  • Analysis and consulting on the occasion of the current topics, trends and developments that have or may have an impact on the position of the client in public

  • Monitoring the media reports, analysis and archiving

  • Organizing informal and formal meetings between representatives of the company with the editors of relevant media

Personal PR is a set of activities by which certain public figure portrayed in the media. Our agency can provide the service in two directions:

  • To a person who is engaged in public job (politician, singer, sportsman, ..), we provide continuous PR manager, or the entire PR team, who will take care about her occasional presence in the media, with very positive response in the public.

  • In a certain period of time, we perform a strong PR and marketing campaign, which provides multiple increased presence of public figure in the media, during the current public activities: a political campaign, a series of concerts,..

Corporate PR service of our agency:

  • The establishment and development of a positive image

  • Creating the media plan

  • Choice of "brand ambassador" (a cover face or VIP promoter) of company

  • Projects of social responsibility and donations

Brand Communications (planning and implementation of PR campaigns) are closely related to ATL marketing campaigns

Crisis PR - The first two hours and the first 24/48 hours are the most important. Activities coordinated from crisis staff provide timely information to the public and thus reduce the negative effects of the crisis. If the crisis is recognized at the time, and exist a well-designed tactical plan (to prevent or cope with the crisis), we can turn it into a business and communication opportunity.

Online Communication - an important trend in communications who successfully we use: from the presentation of classical PR texts on websites, through the Email campaign, to ordinary responsibilities public relations with the help of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, ..).

Event Management - see our links Press Conference i Promotional PR Event

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