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ATL is a set of advertising activities at the macro level, which performed at the national, regional, or some larger territorial level. Such advertising is used to create a brand image, of the company and its products.

Media, which are covered by ATL activities because of need of creating awareness of the company and its products, are television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and the Internet.

If you have not done necessary market research in the previous period, our marketing team can perform adequately detailed survey, that will show us which of qualities of your company (or product) will need to particularly highlight during the ATL campaign.

Then comes the strategy of the campaign for which we have a specialized team which will, acknowledging all your suggestions, plan the most efficient set of promotional activities in accordance with the envisaged budget:

  • Strategically planned ATL campaign for branding a product or entire company
  • Personal Marketing - strategically planned media campaign for one person

Note that with the same enthusiasm we approach the activities of big companies or small companies.

Our agency can do the whole ATL campaign or just the parts for which is not specialized the marketing department of your company: PR management; media buying (rental of advertising space on radio, television and print media); rental of billboard locations; the whole internet marketing (banners and PR articles on the most visited sites, Google and Facebook ads,..) and advertising production (copywriter, photographic services, graphic design, printing services, audio and video production).

Along the course of the campaign, you will have at your disposal Press Clipping a detailed review of the presence of your company (or product) in the media, who can give directions for possible changes the direction of the campaign and its enhancement (ie reduction) of intensity in some part.

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