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Like the real host, our agency to guests in Belgrade offers absolutely all business and tourist VIP Concierge services:

  • Booking accommodation in hotels, hostels, and luxury apartments & villas in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other cities in Serbia;
  • Business and tourist luxury transportation on land, at river and in the air: Chauffeur Limo Service (luxury minibuses and limousines), Air-Taxi (private jet charter flights) and Yacht & Boat Service (speed boats, yachts and river cruise ships).
  • Private sightseeing tour of the city and its surroundings with the help of a tourist guide, for one or more persons. Each tour is made based on a customer's wishes: certain parts of the city can be seen walking, transfer from one area to another is possible with limousine, minibus or open tourist bus. Also, we can organize sightseeing with a river (speed boat or tourist boat), or from the air (balloon or helicopter).
  • In recent years, a tour of Belgrade is much more attractive to foreigners at night. Because of that we have "urban nightlife service". Booking tables and booths in restaurants and clubs in the last moment, when they are already full. Our guests receive a personal nightlife guide, who start a tour with the best dinner and continues with the best parties of southern Europe, until guests become so exhausted to need urgent evacuation of crazy fun.
  • Based on the interest of Belgrade guests, we also organize private tours of the entire Serbia (monasteries, mountains, lakes, historic sites, ethnic villages, ..), with the possibility to go hunting, fishing, rafting, paragliding, horseback riding, skiing,..
  • Bearing in mind the previous two services, means that we have guides for the biggest Serbian festivals: Guca, Exit, Beerfest, Nišvil Jazz Festival, Gitarijada, Carnival of Vrnjci,..
  • Medical tourism - For foreigners we organize services of plastic, ophthalmic and dental surgery, because they are branches of medicine that can work in Belgrade at the highest international level, and at prices the lowest in Europe.
  • Personal Assistant - We provide an assistant to business people, who is trained to fulfill all requirements of guests: from ordinary courier services, through providing information on where and what of the documents a foreigner can take or can do notarization, to all services of the Registration of a foreign company in Serbia. The assistant will have 24-hour support of agency for all guest requests, for which he isn't sufficiently informed or qualified (for example, legal services).
  • Business Services - All the classic business services of our agency you can see by clicking on this LINK, but in addition there is a "virtual office", as the possibility of doing business in Serbia without rental of an real "physical" office, but enough for quite normal conducting all business needs of a foreign company in Belgrade .
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